Body Wrap Cellutox & Toning Treatment

Helps with weight management  – great for parties!

What is a Body Wrap & Toning treatment?

A total wellbeing and results driven treatment – helps with Weight Management. It’s an instant inch loss within the hour!

Tonong ProductsUsing the revolutionary Aloe Vera body wrap treatment it flushes the toxins out of the blood stream, removes cellulite, improves skin texture, smooths out bumpy skin, reduces adipose tissue trapped between skin layers, firms up the skin, helps break down fatty tissue, helps circulation as well as assisting in the weight management and toning process.

Body wrapping comes in many forms of treatments and has varying effects on the body and system. The treatment we use is Aloe Vera based toners and conditioning creams with natural herbs, capiscums and cinnamon to warm and sooth the skin, whilst removing impurities. The results are visible.  Full measurement charts are provided and calculated out for you so you can see “before” and “after” results.

Why Body Wrap?

Well for a number of reasons, especially if we want to tone and strengthen our muscles texture and feel good factor.  We can lose inches instantly and train our muscles alongside a good exercise regime.

Aloe vera toning cream and body conditioning cream aids the smoothing out and toning up process naturally, with pure ingredients that work in harmony with your body. Benefits include:

  • To firm up flabby, lumpy and sagging skin
  • To break down bumpy texture caused by cellulite particularly the  hips and thighs area
  • To smoothen and flatten cells
  • To reduce water retention
  • To lighten stretch marks
  • To improve blood circulation and revitalize skin texture
  • To help increase skin elasticity for a younger appearance

Shape UpWhat happens during the treatment?

A full consultation will be carried out taking full medical and lifestyle history.  It is important to let the therapist know about any particular problems such as sensitive skin, high or low blood pressure, epilepsy, diabetes etc, or if you are pregnant.

Using this information we will advise on courses of treatments that may be required to obtain optimal results.  Please rest assured that we only treat and wrap the tops of the thighs, abdomen and tops of the arms, keeping the lymph nodes clear.

Caroline is a qualified holistic and skincare professional.  Booking a body wrap treatment is relaxing and fun.  Some clients choose to add a Facial Massage or skincare treatment too whilst the wrap is taking effect. Please ask for details when booking to allow sufficient time for your treatments.

Book your treatment today and have fun!

Free 15 minute consultation. First and follow-on treatments for Wrap £49.00

Save money!

Courses of treatments for 6 available for advanced payment of the cost of 5.  Card payments accepted by Caroline.