Hot Stones Massage

A fabulous and therapeutic treatment – great for aches and pains especially sports people and for those who love luxury!

What is Hot stones massage?

Pile of StonesBoth stone massage and the use of heat on the body as a therapy, date back thousands of years, and have taken the form of not only healing, but also cleansing and other rituals. The modern day approach to stones therapy treatment is now a popular and recommended practice and is available for you here at the Healthcare Centre with Caroline.

Stone massage is traditionally a full body treatment using natural basalt stones from the volcano.  Stones are heated and used gently to massage the body throughout the treatment.  The stones can be used generally, or on specific parts of the body in isolation. This is a treatment that can be combined into other treatments such as facials, Indian Head Massage, Hopi Ear Candles treatment or remedial massage.

The Advantages Of Stone Massage

Stone massage has numerous advantages for both client and therapist. The client experiences a deep penetration of the heat and the pressure of the stones. This stimulates microcirculation and cell function, promoting the rate of tissue repair, and stimulating the metabolism by 10-15%. Clients can experience a stimulation of the heart and blood flow, respiratory system, lymph flow, nervous system, excretion from the body, joint mobility, chakra and energy balance and the metabolic rate. It is also possible to feel relaxed, with improved muscle tone and flexibility, and increased elimination of lactic acid. Overall relaxation can be felt, leading to feelings of calmness or invigoration. There are also feelings of cosseting and nurturing by the heat and weight of the stones.

Both hot and cold stones can provide their own benefits. One stroke with a hot basalt stone is considered equal to 10-15 normal manual massage strokes in its effects. The hot stone treatment aims for total homeostasis through the work on the physical body combined with the vibrational energy of the hot stones resonating with the energy of the chakra. Cold stones bring about vasoconstriction, which reduces the microcirculation to cool and soothe the area. They reduce sensitivity in the area, decongest blockages, reduce pain and tighten and firm the flesh, particularly on the face.

Extremely beneficial to people who are active and sports people, aching muscles, people with poor circulation or generally need to relax and detox the body and tone up the muscles.  It is a luxurious warming experience and has the benefit of deep tissue massage as the heat of the stone penetrates the muscles, so no pain.