Popular Aromatherapy Body Massage

You are welcome to call or text and book now. Just message Caroline on 07970 830423 and we can arrange an appointment. Aromatherapy massage is the ultimate pampering body massage. Using quality pure essential oils that smell amazing and make you feel wonderful. Working with your body’s own natural chemistry, aromatherapy massage … Continue reading

Rev Up Your Health and Business

Rev up your Health and Business A 6-8 week strategic mentoring programme that gets you and your business into that First Gear! Revving you up and getting you ready for moving to that next level. Rev up incorporates the Art and Science of Health, your Business and your Lifestyle. We work … Continue reading

Book a Consultation

Reduce Stress. Improve your Health. Your Wellbeing = Your Health. Without your health you can’t run your business. Without taking time out for you, your energy levels will suffer and you will not be as productive as you want. Book a 45 minute consultation today! We can do this over the phone or … Continue reading

Lifestyle Opportunity

Become a Rev up Teacher and expand your income streams.

Starflower Launches new Wellness Programmes

Wow! After popular demand for more and more specialised services from Starflower. Caroline Beasley has designed individually tailored wellness programmes to suit individual people or for corporate businesses wanting to reduce stress in the workplace. To find out more, contact Caroline today!!

Amazing Aromatherapy

Our beautiful Aromatherapy Massage treatments are absolutely incredible. Clients coming to Starflower and experiencing a luxury Aromatherapy Massage say “I feel like I am floating”, “feel so relaxed and  uplifted”.  Aromatherapy is a very therapeutic massage using top quality essential oils that are blended to suit our clients needs.  Mood … Continue reading

What an Event!

Starflower really is stepping up the pace with it’s growth. Providing events and evenings to help people not only earn more money but to provide a healthier and more balanced lifestyle through natural products, therapy treatments and more. Check this out!

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Stress plays a major part in the overwhelming majority of people today. Work, family, commute, injuries, no time. Busy, busy, busy. This overwhelming feeling can hit us at any one time creating sometimes anxiety, stress and even illness. This can be difficult to handle and many people struggle to cope. … Continue reading